Legacy specializes in guiding young men through the often difficult transition to Manhood.  Each young man goes through a structured process to identify the kind of man he wants to be and is then given the tools to become that man. Each young man learns that there are parts of the child within him that he must let go of and new responsibilities he must embrace to become a man.  During his wilderness adventure, he has the opportunity to take on many of the responsibilities of manhood in a small structured community.  The result is a clearer vision of manhood and the self-confidence, tool and motivation to make the transition to responsible adulthood and strive toward personal excellence.

Life Success Plan

True success doesn’t happen by accident; it is the culmination of a well thought out and executed plan

While at Legacy Outdoor Adventures, each client creates a thorough and comprehensive Life Success Plan (LSP). With the support of the treatment team and family, each young man creates a written plan to be used as a roadmap for his personal journey to manhood. Each young man’s LSP starts with the creation of a vision statement for the man he wants to be. Throughout the program he continues to add to the LSP as he learns new skills and gains new insights.  By the completion of the program each young man has not only created a plan for success for his future but also gained ownership and confidence in it by living it daily throughout his stay. Upon graduation, the LSP serves as a guide for the next step in life and a positive course for the future.


Effective Adventures / RTC / Self Development

As a team we have been intimately involved with the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBHC) and their research.  We use that data to inform our practices. This data illuminates a few key areas to focus on. For example, client relationship with staff, field guides, and their peers is very important.  Because these relationships are so influential, we are very deliberate about our field guide mentorship and therapy relationships.  The research talks about a “soft fascination” that occurs in wilderness programs, which is the slowing down of thinking allowing for insight to occur.  Completion of tasks and accomplishments builds resiliency and self-efficacy in clients.  Adventure also enhances self-efficacy as well as leadership abilities.  Studies also show there is an “un-definable” aspect of wilderness that has a positive effect on the development of the core self, differentiation of the individual, and development of a healthy self-image.

Power of Mentoring

Research shows that relationships are one of the most powerful agents of change. At Legacy, we believe in the power of mentoring. For young men to gain a desire to make the transition to adulthood they must see the benefits of that decision. At Legacy, each client works closely with responsible wilderness guides who have not only made the successful transition themselves, but also have the training and experience to help mentor others through their transition to manhood.