Legacy Treatment Centers are a unique blend of licensed residential treatment (RTC) and accredited Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH).   We integrate into our residential treatment center experience the healing influence of time outdoors and the effectiveness of adventure therapy to guide clients on their journeys of healing, self-discovery and personal growth.  Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women and Legacy Treatment Center (for men)  are accredited by the Joint Commission and as Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare programs, and  licensed by the state of Utah to provide residential treatment to adult men and woman struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.  

Residential treatment at Legacy and Juniper Canyon consists of intensive clinical components including thorough intake assessments, psychiatric evaluations, psychological testing, oversight by medical doctors and nurses, individualized treatment planning, and multiple individual and group therapy sessions each week by licensed therapists.   


Wilderness and adventure therapy, supervised by licensed therapists and facilitated by expert guides, provide an effective environment for change and personal growth.  We utilize challenge and adventure to engage our clients and add texture to the outdoor experience.  This setting allows clients to identify their potential strengths and resiliency qualities, gain insight into their core identity, and find new meaning and purpose in their lives.  We intentionally create synergy between time at the treatment center and time outdoors to maximize treatment effectiveness.  

A Licensed Residential Treatment Center 

The first part of each clients stay at Juniper Canyon occurs in facilities licensed by the State of Utah as a Residential Treatment Center.  Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women is accredited by the Joint Commission.  

The treatment center buildings are modern, clean, comfortable cabins and spacious lodges located in a quiet secluded valley surround by nature.  Clients spend the first several weeks of their total time with us at the treatment center where they can be thoroughly observed and assessed, engage in regular individual and daily group therapy, receive a weekly evaluation by a  psychiatrist, have daily oversight by a nurse and access to a  medical doctor and become prepared to transition to the next phase of the program.

Residential Treatment at Legacy and Juniper Canyon includes:

  • Individualized treatment planning

  • Ongoing assessment

  • Regular individual therapy

  • Daily group therapy

  • Weekly psychiatric evaluations

  • Daily milieu and process groups

  • Daily Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) practice

  • Medication management

  • Daily nursing oversight

  • Access as needed to a medical doctor

  • Weekly family updates

  • Addiction education

  • Life skills development

  • Life success planning

  • Twenty-four-hour staff supervision

  • Regular recreational activities

  • All-inclusive lodging and food

Therapeutic groups are facilitated by licensed therapists, who also serve as treatment team leaders to oversee the development and implementation of individual treatment plans.  Therapeutic group topics include recovery as a way of being, addiction and the brain, finding purpose, the keys to lasting recovery, developing a  support group, relapse prevention planning, 12-Step principles, self-awareness and mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, honorable adulthood, developing a life-success plan, being a hero versus a victim, and taking personal responsibility. 

Integrating Residential Treatment and Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare