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Winter at Juniper Canyon: The Best of Both Worlds!

Written by Kim Belair

We’ve been loving fall in the desert here at Juniper Canyon. As always, it’s the perfect season for all things adventure. This past week we backpacked, mountain biked, and rappelled through a canyon, all in one trip! Weeks like this are just one of the many reasons we love our course area and live for the year-round adventure season.

As we begin to transition to cooler temperatures, we are also turning our attention to teaching our women how to adventure safely and have fun in a winter environment. Things like quality gear, proper layering, and engaging in movement are some of our big focuses. Our clients are outfitted with high quality gear that considers the specific needs of women in a cold climate. Our guides are outdoor professionals who know how to use that gear effectively and model this for our clients on a daily basis. Plus, they know how to keep the women engaged and plan safe, fun, meaningful adventures, no matter the season.

One of the things that makes Juniper Canyon unique is our use of an indoor cabin base camp in tandem with our outdoor adventures. This means that at the end of each 4-day adventure, clients and guides come home to a hot shower, cook a nourishing meal, do some laundry and have the opportunity to physically relax for a few days before leaving on the next adventure. During this time, they also correspond with family, meet with their primary therapists, attend clinical-led group therapy, all while helping guides plan their next trip/destination!

All in all, we think we have the best of both worlds and we look forward to showing them to you!

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