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Women In Leadership (February)

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Maura Rodkey

The February women’s luncheon at Juniper Canyon continued the conversation around women as leaders, and more specifically why there aren’t more of them. As we enjoyed our lunch we watched a TED talk presented by the Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, entitled “Why we have too few women leaders”. Her presentation covered the cultural beliefs behind the strikingly low numbers of women in power, and ways we can change that in our everyday lives. Sheryl cited three themes which can be the foundation upon which to build a stronger presence of women at the top. To paraphrase her pieces of advice we need to “sit at the table, make our partners real partners, and don’t leave until you leave”. How she expanded on these points offered the ladies of Juniper Canyon a platform on which to start our own conversation. We sat around and enjoyed the stories of some and the opinions of others, all in a space of trust and respect. For those reason, and more, the February women’s luncheon was a success in our goal to empower the women around us and move forward the growth of staff and clients alike.

Below is the link for the TED talk we watched, we encourage you to watch it and start a conversation in your community around these issues. Through the actions we take with our friends and family, through the way we treat ourselves and others, the language we use and the choices we make, change can be made and a true culture of equality is achievable.


Women have so much to offer the world.

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