Family Involvement

Research shows that family involvement is correlated with longer-lasting outcomes in young adult treatment.  Family members work with us from the beginning to help identify treatment goals. Family members write letters of commitment to encourage client engagement with the program and “impact letters,” which state to the client how her behavior has impacted the family.  Family members write weekly letters discussing goals and expectations with the client, and engage with us as treatment team members. We urge family members to participate in their own therapy at home to identify and work on issues affecting the family. We assign family members to read books that reinforce our philosophy and support an educational process that parallels that of the client. We strongly recommend that the family engage the services of an educational consultant, or other professional, to help guide the treatment and aftercare planning process.

Our therapists, who serve as treatment team leaders, discuss client treatment goals and progress weekly with the family through a phone conversation.   Each week, the Legacy team posts letters and pictures of the client and a description of the recent adventure activities on the Family Portal. These postings, along with other relevant information, give family members a weekly snapshot of treatment progress and help inform future planning.