The Juniper Canyon Way of Being​

At the core of everything we practice and teach at Juniper Canyon is our "Way of Being" comprised of five fundamental principles:

At the center lies a "Heart at Peace" surrounded by "Recovery", "Honorable Adulthood", "Healthy Relationships" and "Self Awareness".  We call it a way of being because it is much more than values we strive for in moments of decision, but a constant frame of mind that comes into play in everything we do.  As a treatment team, we try to foster this way of being in ourselves so we can provide an effective role models for our clients.

Heart at Peace

The "Heart at Peace" terminology comes from the Arbinger Institute's book, The Anatomy of Peace. With a heart at peace we see others not as objects, but as people with wants, dreams, strengths, and weaknesses equal to our own. This allows us to communicate better and have more empathy for others, which leads to stronger relationships. In order to have a heart at peace we have to understand the antithesis, or “heart at war,” and create awareness when we see others as objects. As a community, we constantly strive to cultivate a heart at peace orientation and we try to instill this in our clients. The transformation from a heart at war to one of peace results in powerful reconnections to loved ones and a new found opportunity for meaningful relationships.



Recovery goes beyond overcoming substance abuse; it is about living life with intention and purpose rooted in the principle of integrity. Acceptance of the problem allows clients access to a solution that expands the possibilities in their life. The Juniper Canyon treatment experience gives our clients the chance to leave behind the familiar and predictable. It opens them up to a world of limitless opportunity. This journey can turn the ability to overcome simple daily struggles in the wild into the hope of a sober, successful future previously unimaginable.

Honorable Adulthood

Many Juniper Canyon clients have experienced a lack of direction or a pattern of self-harming or self-defeating behavior.  Taking a step back and looking at becoming self-reliant and interpersonally responsible, which means treating herself and others with respect, is an attainable goal for each of our clients sets them up for success.  The wilderness teaches them that they are capable, and they are enough.  Through this new found self-efficacy, they begin to mold and envision the woman they want to be.  Clients become empowered, self-loving, and aware of how to establish healthy relationships and establish appropriate boundaries.  We at Juniper Canyon create an atmosphere and space where a woman can begin to find herself and explore a future free from substance abuse and pain.  We challenge our clients to define what being honorable means to them through individual and group therapy and provide opportunities to practice these traits within their group of peers. 

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships require open, honest communication.  At Juniper Canyon, we teach and practice assertive, respectful ways to communicate.  We have a 10th Step group each night to provide the opportunity to express frustration in a healthy way, make amends, or give feedback. 


We empower women to expect and demand to be treated with respect and dignity, and to avoid unhealthy, disempowering relationships.  Our clients learn that healthy relationships require both giving and receiving between peers who regard each other as equals.  

Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

We believe that self-awareness is a skill and mindset that is fundamental to every thing else we teach and practice.  We practice moments of cultivating mindfulness throughout each day.  Through such practices as meditation, mindful exercises, and yoga,  we awaken the senses while working together within the group to improve interpersonal communication skills, life skills and direct honest dialogue.


At Juniper Canyon we believe in helping women transition into empowered, balanced, whole and honorable women by increasing their awareness and finding their heart at peace.  Whether our clients are beginning their recovery from addiction, healing from trauma, or dealing with mental health issues, we guide women toward a healthy, fulfilling way of being.