Cityscape Adventures


Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH) heals, inspires and changes lives and we are on a mission to raise awareness of the benefits and demystify the misconceptions.  Join us for an adventure and experience firsthand the therapeutic power of Outdoor Behavioral Health / Wilderness Therapy (OBH). 


The primary goal for Legacy Cityscape Adventures is to bring together the public, industry leaders, and professionals from around the country to discuss and experience the influencing power of OBH. 


Each new location brings the opportunity for exciting new adventures and opportunities to engage and educate different populations on the power of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare. 


Building on the success of cityscape adventures facilitated in; NYC, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Austin we look forward to planning upcoming events with you.  Each new location brings exciting opportunities to uncover new adventures and the ability to engage and educate different populations on the power of OBH. Through collaboration, there is no doubt we can continue to facilitate meaningful and successful events together.


The best way to understand the power of wilderness therapy is to experience it for yourself.   If you are interested in joining or supporting an adventure in your neck of the woods, please contact Derek at:


"We are on a mission to connect people to the healing power of nature and to educate on the current trends in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare and why everyone needs to know about them." - Derek Daley 


Tasks to make the upcoming event a success:


  1. Connect with collaborators/co-hosts

  2. Select Location

  3. Select Dates

  4. Identify and screen sponsors

  5. Select adventures

  6. Create invitations & advertisements

  7. Personal Invites to industry influencers

  8. Document share the event