Potential Clients

Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women  works with young women ages 18-40 who are struggling with challenges related to substance abuse, addiction and addictive behaviors, trauma, low self-image, lack of purpose, fear of failure, lack of motivation, involvement in unhealthy relationships, emotional issues such as anxiety and depression, and behavioral issues such as poor judgement, ineffective impulse control, and failure to take personal responsibility.

Residential and Outdoor Treatment

Legacy Treatment Centers are a unique blend of licensed residential treatment (RTC) and accredited Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH).   We integrate into our residential treatment center experience the healing influence of time outdoors and the effectiveness of adventure therapy to guide clients on their journeys of healing, self-discovery and personal growth.  Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women and Legacy Treatment Center for men are accredited by the Joint Commission and as an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare program, and  licensed by the state of Utah to provide residential treatment to adult men and women struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.  

Location of Healing

Located in an outdoor environment near five national parks, Juniper Canyon has access to thousands of square miles of pristine wilderness.  Women embark on adventures designed to challenge, heal and inspire.  Clients are guided and supported on safe, fun and meaningful adventures by trained and experienced guides.  Adventures include hikes through slot canyons, repelling, mountain biking, top-rope climbing, fishing and summiting peaks. 

Spending time in Nature is a healing experience. Looking across a slick-rock canyon,  being surrounded by a beautiful forest, sitting on the shore of an alpine lake, or being immersed in natural beauty completely separated  from the busy outside world fosters deep therapeutic work.

At Juniper Canyon Recovery, each client plays a role in weekly adventures and is empowered to take ownership of  team functioning and individual accomplishments.  From planning each adventure to the debrief, each client plays a role in creating a successful adventure.  Clients are empowered to plan meals and encouraged to choose and prepare the meals that are healthy and support the weekly goals. The adventure experience supports our clients in gaining self-efficacy. After leaving the program, clients take these experiences with them and increase their confidence in pursuing college or other future aspirations.  Overall, the experience can enhance the lifelong physical and mental health of each client, and help improve healthy core relationships, and family dynamics.  

The Juniper Canyon Difference